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Virtual Assistant

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, where precision and efficiency are paramount, MedVA is a pioneering force, revolutionizing how medical practices operate. Our virtual medical assistants (VMAs) are engineered to empower private practices by saving valuable resources such as money and time and alleviating the intricate challenges associated with managing administrative tasks. Join us on a journey toward enhanced productivity, seamless integration, and unparalleled support for your practice.

Tasks our VAs handle for our client:


Virtual Medical Receptionist


Obtaining Correct Benefit Information for Patients


Hygiene Recall


Appointment Management and Scheduling


Inputting the Correct Benefit Information into Your Software


Billing, Claims and Collections


Verbally Confirming Unconfirmed Patients


Tracing Outstanding Insurance Claims


If you can imagine it, your VA can do it


Workers Compensation Billing Collections and Reports


Reactivation/Continuing Care

Doctor Taking Notes

The MedVA Advantage: In the competitive landscape of modern healthcare, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness have become decisive factors for the triumph of any medical practice. Here’s why MedVA is the ideal choice for virtual medical assistance:

Cost-Effective Solutions: Running a private practice is no small feat, and we understand the financial considerations that come with it. MedVA provides a cost-effective alternative to in-house medical assistants, allowing you to access top-tier assistance without straining your budget. By choosing MedVA, you are making a strategic investment in the financial health of your practice.

Time Optimization: Time is a precious commodity in healthcare, and MedVA is committed to ensuring that you make the most of it. Our virtual medical assistants efficiently handle tasks ranging from medical billing and claims management to addressing the intricacies of insurance calls. By offloading these responsibilities, MedVA gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most – delivering quality patient care and fostering the growth of your practice.

Seamless Integration: Concerned about the transition to virtual assistance? Worry not. MedVA is designed for seamless integration into your existing workflow. Our VMAs are not just technology; they are an extension of your team. This ensures a smooth experience, where our support enhances your daily operations rather than disrupting them. Say goodbye to implementation headaches and hello to a transformative partnership.

Expertise On-Demand: MedVA boasts a team of virtual medical assistants with deep-rooted expertise in the healthcare industry. From navigating intricate billing procedures to efficiently handling insurance-related queries, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions for your practice. Harness the power of specialized expertise without the overhead costs associated with hiring in-house staff.

24/7 Availability: Medical emergencies and administrative tasks don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. MedVA understands the importance of constant support in healthcare. That’s why our virtual medical assistants are available round the clock, offering you the flexibility and assistance you need, whenever you need it. Your practice doesn’t sleep, and neither do we.

Scalability: As your practice evolves, so do your administrative needs. MedVA offers a scalable solution, allowing you to expand your virtual support as your practice flourishes. Bid farewell to the constraints of hiring, training, and managing in-house staff. With MedVA, your support team evolves in sync with your success, ensuring you are always prepared for the next growth stage.

Virtual Medical Assistants: Embrace the future of healthcare with MedVA. Say goodbye to the challenges of managing a private practice single-handedly and welcome the cost-effective, time-efficient, and hassle-free solution that virtual medical assistants provide. Let MedVA be your partner in success – revolutionize your practice today!

Why Hire A Virtual Medical Assistant?

MedVA Virtual Assistants enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity for your practice. Here are some key administrative office tasks that a proficient virtual medical assistant can effectively handle:

Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Management: Virtual medical assistants excel in managing appointments and calendars. They can efficiently schedule patient appointments, reschedule as needed, and send automated reminders. This ensures that healthcare providers maintain an organized and optimized schedule, minimizing appointment overlaps and reducing no-shows.

Patient Data Management: Virtual medical assistants are adept at handling patient data. They can input and update patient information, including personal details, medical history, and insurance information. This helps in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, facilitating smooth patient care and administrative processes.

Billing and Invoicing: Handling billing and invoicing processes can be time-consuming, but virtual medical assistants are equipped to manage these tasks seamlessly. They can generate invoices, process insurance claims, and track payments, ensuring that the financial aspect of healthcare administration is handled with precision.

Documentation and Transcription: Virtual medical assistants assist in documentation and transcription tasks. They can transcribe dictations, record patient encounters, and maintain electronic health records (EHRs). This reduces the burden on healthcare professionals and enhances the accuracy and accessibility of patient information.

Telemedicine Support: With the rise of telemedicine, virtual medical assistants play a vital role in facilitating remote healthcare services. They can help set up virtual appointments, coordinate video calls, and ensure that patients and healthcare providers have a smooth experience during telehealth consultations.

Email and Communication Management: Virtual medical assistants efficiently manage email correspondence and communication within the healthcare team. They can filter and prioritize emails, respond to routine inquiries, and ensure that important messages are promptly conveyed to the relevant parties. This enhances communication flow and reduces the risk of overlooking critical information.

Prescription Renewals and Refill Requests: Handling prescription renewals and refill requests is another task that a virtual medical assistant can manage. They can coordinate with pharmacies, process refill requests, and update patient records to reflect medication changes. This ensures that patients receive timely prescriptions without unnecessary delays.

Task Automation and Workflow Optimization: Virtual medical assistants can optimize administrative workflows by leveraging advanced 

Compliance Monitoring: Virtual medical assistants can assist in monitoring compliance with healthcare regulations and standards. They can track updates in compliance requirements, alerting the healthcare team to any necessary adjustments in documentation, billing, or other administrative processes to ensure adherence to industry standards.

Our virtual medical assistants are highly trained professionals ready to bring efficiency and support to your practice. By efficiently managing appointment scheduling, patient data, billing, documentation, telemedicine support, communication, prescription renewals, task automation, and compliance monitoring, these virtual assistants contribute significantly to healthcare administration's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Take the first step toward a more streamlined and efficient practice. Contact us now to schedule a personalized consultation and discover how MedVA can empower your team, optimize workflows, and contribute to the success of your healthcare practice.

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