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9 Tips for Working with Virtual Assistants Productively

Working with virtual assistants can be an exciting process. You now feel like you can take your business to the next level and free up time to spend energy on your patients, customers, or clientele base. This can also be highly beneficial financially since you won’t need to pay someone to be present in person while the work is getting done. Although these are advantages, you also want to make sure that you have high virtual assistant productivity. Otherwise, it may not seem as beneficial as you’d hoped. Here are some tips on making the most of your working relationship and having a productive assistant.

Set Clear Direction

Be straightforward about the tasks you need to be done and any timelines they need to be done by. For instance, if you need them to reach out to customers for appointments, give them a template of what they can ask when they contact them and common questions they may have. If there are due dates for projects, like a spreadsheet pertinent to payroll, make sure your medical virtual assistant is aware of that. Follow up with them a day or two beforehand as a reminder and walk them through the process if needed.

Invest in Training

Don’t expect your virtual assistant to know how to do everything automatically. Being a virtual assistant means learning to adapt to your business model and client base. If you work with a specific system or even with something as simple as Microsoft Word, make sure they feel competent with what you are requesting. If not, take the time to find resources for them, such as screen sharing or YouTube videos. Some companies may have access to business-specific training systems that can be effective.

Give Tools

Any tracking systems, calling databases, tools, or resource links for patients or clients can significantly affect their productivity levels. If you don’t have any formal training documents, upload anything helpful into a shared database, or use Google Docs to make a process cheat sheet. Trello and Asana can help you manage their tasks and see their progress. Anything you regularly use that is part of their job tasks should be shared if possible.

Keep Communication Open

Virtual assistant jobs are a great way to employ people remotely, which is especially useful during a pandemic or other emergencies. When working with virtual assistants, you want to make sure you have plenty of communication and establish a healthy working relationship. Have phone calls regularly, or consider doing video calls through Duo, Facetime, or Zoom. Discuss the best methods for you both to be reached and good times that you are both available. In addition to knowing how to communicate, talk about how they learn best so you can have conversations that are valuable and time-efficient.

Make Goals Together

Once you explain what your business is about, it’s a great idea to figure out what they want long-term. This not only helps them think about what your business can do for them, but it can also help you build an assistant that is more invested in their role. Perhaps one of your goals is to increase customer service by 10%, and one of theirs is to become more knowledgeable in the field. These goals can be achieved together with proper dedication and communication.

Give Feedback and Praise

With an employee, you want to appreciate the help they are providing you with. A successful business is a team effort. If your virtual assistant is doing a great job, be sure to recognize that. Tell them how you value their contribution. If you can, give them a small reward for the great work, like leaving early or a small gift card. These can dramatically change the work culture you culminate in, even if done remotely.

Be Reliable

If you expect your staff to be reliable, you should set the tone by making sure you are also reliable. If someone needs extra support from you, help them out or direct them to someone else who can answer their question. If you say you will do a certain task or part of a project, follow through. Being reliable means they can trust you to do what is needed. To build that trust, be honest with them and work as collaboratively as possible.

Be Available

Everyone has questions during their career, and when someone is just starting, they are bound to have a ton of them! Ensure you are readily available should they need help managing their new role or tackling a new project. If desired, set specific time aside each week to meet and touch base. This will not only improve your communication but will also build their confidence in the position. Use this time to come up with new ideas and appreciate their efforts.

Establish a Rhythm

Work with your virtual healthcare assistant to find out how they can best manage their workload. Some people work great with a set scheduled rhythm. When first working with them, establish what their tasks are and if they should be done at a certain part of the day. For instance, is it best for them to check for voicemails first thing in the morning and at the end of their shift? Is there a specific time they need to use for breaks? Work together to find a rhythm that works for them and the business.

These virtual assistant productivity tips can change your business, allowing you to create a work culture that encourages getting things done. If used correctly, you’ll find investing in a virtual assistant can become a great asset that gives you room to focus on other parts of your company. Talk to MedVA today to begin working with virtual assistants that can help you take your business to the next level!

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