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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant

It is highly possible for physicians to experience exhaustion from having too much to do in the clinic. It may be your main job to take care of your patients, do administrative work, and do other things. Even if you think about hiring someone to help you around the house, it might be too expensive.

Luckily, many doctors can hire virtual healthcare assistants (VAs) to help them with some of their tasks for a price that isn’t too high.

What is a Medical Virtual Assistant?

Private practices all over the country use remote medical assistants to save money, time, and trouble. Remote medical assistants can help you grow your practice at a fraction of the cost of an in-house medical assistant. They can handle everything from billing and claims to long phone calls with insurance companies.

How can a Medical Virtual Assistant Help?

If you’ve thought about adding an assistant to your healthcare business, you’re not the only one. Because they do so many things for their clients, medical virtual assistants are pretty popular in the healthcare field.

A medical assistant who works from home can help your business in a number of ways, such as:

  • One of the most common administrative tasks for virtual medical assistants is to handle appointments and set up new ones. Whether you make appointments by hand or online, they handle it well to make sure customers have a great experience

  • Taking phone calls from patients and other providers who work closely with your practice. You can give them a template with frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help them know what to say to patients

  • Email inbox management includes responding to questions on your website, social media page, and email account. Virtual assistants can also help you make a plan for marketing your medical facility online

  • Billing and invoicing is one of the most time-consuming tasks for health professionals, but an experienced virtual assistant can handle it with ease

  • Your business depends on keeping track of your patient database, which should be done by a professional. A medically trained worker who works from home makes sure that patient information is always up to date

  • Social media management can include things like writing content, updating social media pages, and responding to questions from followers. Website management may be part of the job description in some cases

When your in-house team is too busy, a virtual medical assistant can help with back-office work. Along with your team, the remote worker can help with digital marketing, technical tasks, and administrative tasks. These employees can provide many benefits to your practice.

Advantages of Hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant

Because doctors spend too much time on their computers, they miss nonverbal cues when they are doing patient exams. A virtual medical assistant, on the other hand, can help you easily avoid this situation. Below are some of the many benefits a medical virtual assistant can provide for physicians:

  • Doctor-patient relationships improve – With the help of a virtual assistant, doctors can quickly and easily set up follow-ups with patients and personal calls to give them more medical advice. The doctors can also pay attention to each patient while someone else takes care of the work in the background and in turn, this helps improve doctor-patient relationships

  • Saves time – You can make up for the lost time in your day by hiring virtual medical assistants. By tasking them with things like asking patients standard questions about symptoms and medical history in the patient’s family, your virtual medical assistant can collect the information and give it to you to look over. They can also be in charge of reminding patients to take their medicine and keeping in touch with them after their visits

  • Save costs – Many doctors hire virtual medical assistants so they don’t have to pay for office space or things like computers and phones. By working from home instead of coming to your office, a VA can save you a lot of money. Also, there is no rule that says VAs have to get extra benefits like health insurance and a pension. It’s just a matter of paying them for the work they do

  • No training necessary – A virtual assistant’s job is to know about all the new things happening in their field. Especially with MedVA, you only need to discuss your expectations, give the VA tasks, and make sure they know how you expect their work to be done

  • Better productivity – You can focus on growing your business when you have a trusted VA. By giving up time-consuming tasks, you’ll also free up resources, which is good for everyone. Your virtual assistant should also be able to give you ideas for ways to save time and be more productive that you might not have thought of

  • Gives you flexibility – Virtual assistants who work from home are more likely to be available for you, even if that means answering an email or phone call in the middle of the night. This kind of flexibility is especially helpful if you run a busy clinic and need to do things on the spot.

Why you Should Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant

Hiring a medical VA is one of the best ways to save money and free some of your time to focus more on your patients. These VAs go through extensive training and have medical backgrounds that allow them to perform tasks you need done for your practice.

When you hire an experienced medical virtual assistant, you not only get a better work-life balance, but you also waste less time and make more money. As a result, you can grow your business while keeping costs low.

Working with a healthcare virtual assistant makes it easier to improve patient-doctor relationships. It also makes you more productive, saves you money, and gives you more freedom. With a VA, you have more time to work on your business and grow it. If you are ready for these benefits, reach out to MedVA today to get started.

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