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The MedVA

We know the feeling. Work starts becoming more than work. When busy and efficiency starts to break down and becomes more than your practice can handle.

"A VA is not just a convenience; it's a lifeline for medical professionals."
"We built MedVA to help doctors like us."

Having a virtual assistant (VA) in the medical field is paramount for alleviating the stress and overwhelm that often plagues doctors and healthcare professionals. Without a VA, the intricate web of administrative tasks, from scheduling appointments to managing patient records and billing, can quickly become overwhelming. This administrative burden consumes valuable time and distracts from the primary focus: patient care. Medical professionals are already under significant pressure, with long hours and high-stake decisions, and the addition of administrative duties can lead to burnout, impacting both their well-being and the quality of care they provide.


By entrusting these tasks to a VA, healthcare professionals can regain control over their work-life balance, reduce the risk of burnout, enhance their focus on patient care, and minimize the potential for costly errors. Ultimately, a VA is not just a convenience; it's a lifeline for medical professionals, allowing them to thrive in a demanding field while maintaining their own health and the well-being of their patients.


It starts with

Our Experienced Founders 

Dr. Steven Kupferman

Dr. Steven Kupferman, our Co-Founder and Chairman holds M.D. and D.M.D. degrees from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, respectively, and he brings nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. He is the founding physician of LACOMS, Los Angeles’s premier Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his practice while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care. Dr. Kupferman and his wife, Danielle, reside in Los Angeles with their four children.

Dr. Omid Shay

Dr. Omid Shaye, our Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, is a graduate of the UC San Diego School of Medicine and brings his vast experience in administering back-office teams to MedVA. He is a co-founder of Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills, one of the Beverly Hills area’s leading Gastroenterology practices, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his practice. He is the author of numerous journal articles and abstracts and has presented on a variety of topics both nationally and internationally. Dr. Shaye and his wife, Kelly, reside in Los Angeles with their five children.

Our founders have strong expertise in using Medical Virtual Assistants to improve a healthcare office’s bottom line and quality of care.


The MedVA Seal of Approval

MEDVA Checklist

Vetting Process

We do extensive vetting across the following dimensions of raw talent: communications skills, attitude, aptitude, work ethic, dedication, coachability, integrity, commitment, consistency, and reliability.


We vet for people who will deliver, and we talk to people’s past employers and assess them on a variety of tests, including personality, to make sure that they meet our standard.

Unlock Medical Virtual Assistants

HIPAA Certified & Security Training

All our VAs are HIPAA certified, providing a secure and compliant solution for handling healthcare data.

MedVA invests a lot of time, money and effort into our process to make sure we are providing only high-quality candidates who can be easily adapted into your workflow.


We have a highly experienced recruitment team in the Philippines that is constantly sourcing healthcare professionals.

Medical Virtual Assistant

Same Healthcare Professionals Daily + Foundational Training

Our Medical Virtual Assistants all have backgrounds as healthcare professionals (mostly Registered Nurses, but varies) and clients work with the same professional every day for consistency.


This, coupled with the foundational training we provide them, offers you versatile Medical Virtual Assistants that can easily adapt to your specific workflow.

Medical Virtual Assistants


+ Ongoing Support

We install time-tracking software on every Medical Virtual Assistant’s computer that allows our staff to monitor their web activity and mouse movement during hours that they are “logged on.” This allows us to make sure they’re being productive and working during the assigned work hours. The Medical Virtual Assistant only gets paid and you only get charged for time they are actively logged in and working for you.

Both our clients and our Medical Virtual Assistants benefit from ongoing support provided by our highly experienced team of supervisory managers. Supervisors will check in with both the client and the Medical Virtual Assistants regularly to ensure things are running smoothly and make adjustments as necessary.

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