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What Does a Virtual Medical Scribe Do?

Medical scribing is the process where the words and actions of a doctor, surgeon, nurse practitioner, or other medical professional are charted and documented. Typically, the medical professional would do their scribing or have a medical scribe observe their actions in the operating room.

However, MedVA is turning the medical world on its head through virtual medical scribes. A virtual medical scribe does everything that other medical scribes do, but with one major difference: they don’t have to be in the room physically. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, an outpatient clinic, or an operating room, a virtual medical scribe fulfills all the duties of a traditional medical scribe.

What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?

Simply put, a virtual medical scribe is an individual who documents a medical professional’s words and actions during their visit with a patient. Being a medical scribe doesn’t require a college degree, but it usually does require certification. A medical scribe is similar to a courtroom stenographer in that they record everything that happens during the visit.

A virtual medical scribe must take careful and precise notes so that the doctor can return to their notes for information. This is necessary for ongoing treatment and patient care. However, it’s also necessary if a patient tries to sue a doctor for malpractice. If the scribe has taken careful notes, the doctor can look back at these notes and prove what they did and why they did it. The importance of having an excellent virtual medical scribe can’t be overstated, and MedVA has some of the best.

How Does the Virtual Medical Scribing Process Work?

Modern technology has made it possible for a virtual medical scribe to be every bit as present and accurate in their charting as an in-person medical scribe. The examining professionals will record their visits with various patients through audio or visual recording equipment. The virtual medical scribe can watch or listen to these recordings live or after the appointment.

The virtual medical scribe will then document each doctor’s patient interactions, exactly as if they were there in person. Scribing in this manner will offer the patient’s privacy and allow you to see as many patients as possible. Doctors who do their scribing usually can’t see as many patients as others perform this task.

What are the Responsibilities of a Virtual Medical Scribe?

The goal of a virtual medical scribe is to make the doctors’ life easier. To do this, here is a list of responsibilities typically assigned to a virtual medical scribe.

  • To provide detailed documentation of a doctor’s interaction with their patient.

  • To keep careful track and record a patient’s medical history, lab, and test reports, and to discharge that information when necessary.

  • To carefully research any information that a medical provider requests.

  • To assist the doctor in filling out any charts, forms, or documentation necessary.

  • To respond to messages and questions for the doctor regarding the patient in question.

An important distinction between medical scribes and medical transcribers is that scribes have more duties than transcribers. While a medical transcriber records and copies information, a medical scribe takes it one step further. They’re also responsible for copying and interpreting interactions between a doctor and a patient and creating a document containing pertinent information. This includes coding and billing information, which then gets sent down the line to MedVA’s virtual billings and claims department.

What are the Advantages of Having a Virtual Medical Scribe from MedVA?

Choosing to use a virtual medical scribe from MedVA has several advantages instead of going the traditional route.

  • Your Patients Will Have an Increased Feeling of Privacy and Security Because all of our scribes are virtual, your patient will have a feeling of privacy and safety. Where there would normally be a doctor, patient, medical scribe, and possibly a transcriber in the room, a virtual scribe decreases the number of people present. Our medical scribes at MedVA can fulfill the duties of scribe and transcriber, which means that it only has to be you and your patient during their visit.

  • You’ll Get Real-Time EMR Updates In most cases, when a doctor does their scribing, they have to wait until the end of the day to do their charting. However, virtual medical scribing from MedVA will offer emergency medical record updates as they happen. You can have your virtual medical scribe observing live or send them a recording immediately after the appointment. Either way, their EMR will be updated sooner than if you did it at the end of the day.

  • Chart Completion That’s Prompt, Thorough, and Accurate Each of our virtual medical scribes is a trained and certified medical professional for medical charting. You can rest assured that your charting will be completed in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Your Patients’ Security is Paramount to Us If you’re worried about the idea of live-casting or sending out recordings of your patient interactions, then don’t be. MedVA guarantees the privacy of your internet connection between you and your virtual medical scribe. You won’t have to worry about your patient interactions being leaked to the public when MedVA is involved.

  • HIPAA Compliant In All Regards All of the medical scribing and transcription done by MedVA’s virtual scribes is 100% HIPAA compliant.

  • You’ll Save Money That You Can Direct Elsewhere One of the biggest advantages of going with a virtual medical scribe from MedVA is the savings you’ll receive. Not only do we save you time that you can spend with other patients, but we also save you big bucks. We have a flat rate starting at just the hourly minimum wage for your state that we pay our medical scribes, whereas traditional medical scribes make anywhere between $20 and $25 per hour. You can redirect those savings back into your practice or wherever you desire.

MedVA is an industry leader when it comes to virtual medical scribes. If you’re tired of doing all your charting and recording or overspending on a traditional scribe, give MedVA’s virtual medical scribes a chance. We guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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