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What our

Clients Say

"I am very happy and impressed with all 3 VAs. They are all very alert, excited to learn, eager to help me with all the tasks here in the clinic." 


Cristina Acosta

Office ManagerChicagoland Advanced Retina Care LTD. 

Addison, IL

In their words

“Our in-house staff is overwhelmed by the volume of phone calls and drowning in insurance paperwork. We also have a major backlog with our billing and claims.”

“As the doctor, I am spending way too much of my valuable time, time that could be spent seeing more patients or with my family, keeping my EHR up to date.”

“We started with two virtual assistants. Now we have four. They’re wonderful. They really significantly changed the efficiency of our practice. The patients are happier, and they definitely helped our bottom line.”

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