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10 Tasks a Medical Virtual Assistant Can Do

A medical virtual assistant is someone who works from a remote location and can help you with everyday jobs like communicating with clients, sending out invoices, and typing up documents.

As the healthcare system grows, doctors are also getting more work to do every day. We know that doctors are very busy with lots of patients to see, but these days, they spend too much time on the computer doing things that are not essential to patient contact.

A virtual medical assistant can do routine tasks and provide a lot of administrative help for things that aren’t in the area of expertise of doctors or other health professionals.

Hiring a medical virtual assistant gives your medical business or clinic a lot of extra help. Whether you run a medical clinic or another type of healthcare business, getting a medical virtual assistant can help your practice in a big way.

Benefits of a Virtual Medical Assistant

In general, there are many advantages to hiring a medical virtual assistant for your practice. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Saves costs – Medical VAs make a small fraction of what you would usually pay a medical assistant who works in-house. You can also get medical professionals with training and experience without having to pay for normal employee benefits. A virtual medical assistant also saves you money on utilities, office supplies, and other costs because they work remotely

  • You pay what you want – You pay your medical virtual assistant by the job or task. So, if they work for an hour, you will only pay for an hour of work. With a virtual medical assistant, you don’t have to pay for benefits, holidays, sick days, or a 40-hour workweek

  • Saves space – When you hire more people, you need to think about how much extra room they will need. With more staff, more people will also use office space, the parking lot, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the meeting room, and even the hallways. Medical virtual assistants can help offices that need more staff but don’t have enough physical space

  • Less time spent on training – You also save time when you hire a medical virtual assistant who can work remotely because they use online tools, which means they are easier to train than people who work on-site. With MedVA, our medical virtual assistants are already experts in their field, so it only takes them a short time to learn your needs and expectations

  • Better service – If you or your staff try to do everything at once, you never have enough time. Your attention isn’t focused, so the service you give isn’t as good as it could be. By giving some of these chores to a skilled virtual medical assistant, everyone gets back valuable time. So you and your staff on-site can give better, more focused service. Also, if you save money on hiring costs, you may have more money to buy better tools or equipment to improve patient services

  • More patients – When services get better, more people will come to use them. And, of course, more business means more money to put into your medical practice, clinic, or hospital to help it grow and attract more patients

  • Find your work-life balance – It’s no secret that being a healthcare practitioner or business owner can be stressful and hard. There’s no reason for you to do administrative work on top of all the other things your medical business needs. Giving your administrative and other clerical tasks to a medical virtual assistant can keep you from being pulled in different ways and help you do your best in all parts of your life. This means better care for patients, a stronger business that can grow and stay stable, and a better mix between work and life for yourself

Tasks a Medical Virtual Assistant Can Do

There are many tasks you can delegate to your medical VA. Below are some of the many tasks your virtual assistant can do for you so you can focus on the face-to-face side of your business:

  • Medical data entry

  • Invoice creation and payment

  • Answering phones

  • Managing schedules and setting up appointments

  • Lead generation and follow-ups

  • Social media management

  • Preauthorizations and insurance verifications

  • Email management

  • Live charting

  • Patient follow-ups

  • And more!

What Can a Medical Virtual Assistant Do for Practices?

Virtual medical assistants are trained professionals who help doctors with daily tasks that need to be done over and over again. A virtual medical assistant is a remote worker who works remotely.

Your reputation and hard work have helped you build your private business. But your success isn’t just because you are good at medicine. Most of the time, your admin team is the first to talk to patients and keeps a steady line of conversation with them.

The way your clients feel will depend on how much they talk to your employees. Hire a virtual medical assistant to help you get more business from word-of-mouth and grow your practice.

Delegate Your Timely Tasks to a Trusted Medical Virtual Assistant

It doesn’t cost much to hire a medical virtual assistant for healthcare services. And it could be the best thing you ever did for your business or medical establishment.

But it’s up to YOU to decide what a virtual medical assistant can do for you. So, make sure you know what you want from one and that they know and understand what you need.

For a medical VA to work, authority and training are important. Administrative jobs and specific responsibilities need to be given in full. Here at MedVA, you can hire the most highly qualified VAs who have also been trained in HIPAA compliance.

Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant with MedVA

MedVA is an expert at finding skilled and trained people for the medical field. We’ve been vetting virtual assistants for a wide range of businesses. We do this by first learning about what you need. Then, we look through our large pool of qualified, expert medical virtual assistants to find the best fit for your business.

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