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Patient Monitoring

It’s expensive and time-consuming to hire staff for patient monitoring. With remote patient monitoring from MedVA, your patients can receive professional health monitoring for a fraction of the cost, all while saving your staff and doctors valuable time. 

More and more doctors around the country are turning to virtual assistants for their needs because of the cost savings and convenience of working with virtual assistants.

Unlike traditional AI-driven systems, our VMAs are real human professionals, offering a unique blend of expertise and compassion at one-third the cost of traditional staffing solutions.

Medical Virtual Assistants for Doctors
Virtual Medical Claims

MedVA’s Cost-Effective Staff Solution

Hiring and training staff for patient monitoring is financially burdensome and time-consuming. MedVA's Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services provide an affordable alternative that doesn't compromise quality or care. We understand the unique challenges healthcare providers face, and our VMAs are here to make your patient monitoring process more efficient and cost-effective.

Why Choose Remote Patient Monitoring?

Substantial cost savings: With MedVA, you benefit from experienced professionals without the hefty price tag. Our Virtual Medical Assistants offer top-notch services at a fraction of the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house team. This cost-effective solution allows you to allocate resources where needed, enhancing overall patient care.

Efficient, Timely Remote Patient Monitoring: Time is a precious commodity in the healthcare industry. Outsourcing patient monitoring tasks to our VMAs frees up valuable time for your staff and doctors. This enables them to focus on more critical aspects of patient care, improving efficiency and better outcomes.

A Compassionate Human Touch: Unlike AI-driven systems, MedVA's VMAs bring a human touch to patient monitoring. Our professionals are empathetic, understanding, and capable of adapting to each patient's needs. This personal connection contributes to a more positive patient experience, fostering trust and compliance with monitoring protocols allowing for a smooth continuation of care.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services We Offer

Reviewing Vital Signs: Our VMAs are trained to meticulously review and analyze vital signs, ensuring your staff and doctors stay informed about patient conditions. This real-time monitoring allows for prompt intervention and better management of patient health.

Initial Setup of Remote Patient Monitoring System: Implementing an effective remote patient monitoring system requires technical know-how. Our VMAs are well-versed in the setup process, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration into your existing healthcare infrastructure.

Communicating with Patients: Effective communication is key to successful patient monitoring. Our VMAs take on the responsibility of liaising between healthcare providers and patients. From obtaining consent for RPM to addressing patient concerns, our professionals ensure a seamless and patient-centric experience.

Providing Ongoing Assessments: MedVA's VMAs don't just stop at initial setup and communication; they provide continuous assessments of patient progress. This proactive approach allows timely treatment plans and intervention adjustments, improving health outcomes.

Updating Electronic Health Records: Accurate and up-to-date electronic health records are crucial for informed decision-making. Our VMAs meticulously update and maintain electronic health records, ensuring that your healthcare team has access to the most relevant and recent patient information.

Collaborating with Other Health Professionals: In the interconnected world of healthcare, collaboration is key. Our VMAs seamlessly collaborate with other health professionals, facilitating a cohesive and integrated approach to patient care, helping with coordinating follow-ups, flagging pertinent lab and imaging results, and working with insurance. 

Ready to revolutionize your patient monitoring processes? Schedule a call with MedVA today and discover how our Virtual Medical Assistants can elevate your healthcare services. Experience the perfect blend of cost savings, efficiency, and personalized care with MedVA's Remote Patient Monitoring services.

MedVA is committed to transforming healthcare by providing innovative solutions prioritizing patient well-being and operational efficiency. Join the growing number of healthcare providers who have embraced the future of patient monitoring with MedVA's Virtual Medical Assistants.

What Tasks Can Our
Remote Patient Monitoring Virtual Assistants Handle?


Reviewing Vital Signs 


Keeping your staff and doctors up to date on patient conditions


Helping with the initial setup of remote patient monitoring system


Communicating with Patients


Ensuring patients have consents for RPM


Providing ongoing assessments of patient progress


Updating electronic health records


Collaborating with other health professionals

We Offer a Wide Variety of
Disciplines to Choose From! 



Remote Patient Monitoring

Working on Laptop


Virtual Dental Scribe

Booking a Meeting


Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant





Business Video Call


Virtual Dental Receptionist



Virtual Medical Insurance Claims



Virtual Medical Scribe



Virtual Dental Administrative Assistant

Phone Call


Virtual Medical Receptionist

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