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Dental Receptionist

Dental Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual Dental Receptionist Tasks

A remote dental receptionist is a virtual dental assistant that fulfills the responsibility of answering and making phone calls for your dental facility or office. Whether it’s a client calling to make an appointment or to reschedule, a virtual dental receptionist will answer the phone and handle the situation, just as if they were in your office.

Virtual dental receptionists from MedVA can be seamlessly added to your workplace. So much so that clients and customers won’t even know they’re talking to someone not located within the building. If you want to keep an in-house receptionist or two on-site, a remote dental receptionist will free them up to handle other tasks at the office.

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How Can a Virtual Dental Receptionist Help Me?

Dental virtual receptionists will answer and make phone calls

Whether they’re answering phone calls from existing clients or greeting new clients, virtual dental assistants from MedVA are professional and cordial no matter what. If calls need to be made concerning an upcoming dental visit or scheduling conflicts, our virtual dental assistants can handle the job.

Virtual assistants for dental offices can refill patient prescriptions

Our virtual dental assistants are qualified and capable of refilling patient prescriptions after an oral surgery or procedure.

Dental remote receptionists 

are excellent at completing clerical tasks

MedVA’s virtual dental receptionists can handle a wide variety of clerical tasks to reduce the workload of your in-person receptionists.

Remote dental receptionists will manage patient appointments

One of the most challenging parts of managing your dental practice is juggling appointments and handling customer service. Dental virtual assistants from MedVA are specially trained to handle these types of conflicts to keep your operation running smoothly.

Insurance verification from your virtual dental front desk

The headache of handling insurance verification also falls into the wheelhouse of our virtual dental receptionists.

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