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MedVA Expands with Launch of BizVA to Bring Virtual Assistant Efficiency and Cost-Savings to All Ind

Updated: 3 days ago

Los Angeles – MedVA – the fast-growing virtual assistant platform specifically for medical, dental and veterinary offices – has launched BizVA ( to serve businesses in all industries.

Following MedVA’s successful model, BizVA helps businesses meet their workforce needs with virtual assistants who can handle a range of tasks more efficiently and at a lower cost than in-house staff.

MedVA Co-Founders Steven Kupferman, DDS and Omid Shaye, MD created the original MedVA platform in 2021 after dealing with staffing challenges at their own medical practices. The platform has grown quickly to currently work with nearly 500 medical clients.

“We’re excited to bring our successful virtual assistant model to the wider business community,” said Dr. Kupferman. “We’re helping companies of all kinds find the right virtual assistants to take their operations to the next level.”

BizVA provides professional virtual assistants to perform customer service, sales, paralegal work, scheduling, reception, bookkeeping, inventory management, marketing and other essential business functions remotely.

“For many entrepreneurs, the most challenging part of running their business is finding and retaining the right personnel and keeping them busy as needs fluctuate,” said BizVA President and Chief Operating Officer Chris McShanag. “So much of what businesses need to accomplish can be done more efficiently and effectively with remote virtual assistants. At BizVA, we help match the best virtual assistants with companies seeking to adopt a lean business model.”

COVID and the “great resignation” exacerbated staffing shortages across industries, further challenging already cash-strapped businesses with skyrocketing costs and diminished productivity.

“BizVA was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to confront today’s staffing issues head-on,” McShanag added. “Our professional, highly vetted virtual assistants deliver game-changing results.”

More information about BizVA and its virtual assistant services is available at

About BizVA

BizVA harnesses the power of virtual staffing to help companies and organizations streamline operations, improve productivity and reduce costs. Its trained and professional virtual assistants work seamlessly with each client’s on-site employees and workflow – without the need for costly onboarding, office space or the usual administrative complexities of retaining in-house staff. BizVA’s sister platform – MedVA – was launched in 2021 by Los Angeles-based Co-Founders Steven Kupferman and Omid Shaye to bring the benefits of virtual assistants to medical, dental and veterinary offices. More information is available at and

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